Thursday, 6 October 2016

Seniors conference in Romania -2

This post will be a few more pictures and explanations. These are from our recent trip into Romania, a beautiful country.
This was a place where we ate lunch one day. The entire place was heated by wood, this was how it was piled, rather unique.

The table setting

I had to take a picture of this. The food in the middle is called slanină, and is nothing more than pork fat with paprika. One is to eat it with onion. I tried, unsuccessfully.

The outdoor cooking area. The fire and pot in front is where the goulash was cooked.

A very interesting hotel in Sighisoara. Beautiful and unique

Very interesting decoration at the door of the hotel

A Romanian street sweeper. Note the broom, made from tree branches.

The Bran castle. An odd picture, but the best I could get. It was built into the rock.

One of the original staircases

View of the village Bran, out a castle window

Forgive the glare. Vlad the impaler, or Dracula

Deb and company

The Teleferic hotel in Poiana Brașov. Gorgeous setting

Finally, of course, some more carts. Here are 2 filled with hay, just waiting for the owners.

Cows have many uses, milk and pulling the family around.
So we really enjoy Romania, very beautiful. It is a country still with areas of poverty, but becoming slowly more prosperous.

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