Tuesday, 26 January 2016

 Jan 26 2016  This is a picture of 1/3 of the couples who we are with in the  MTC. We are next to our dear friends, the Alstons, who are on our right. We have become very close. It has been a difficult 2 days as our mom, Verla Edwards, died on the morning of January 25 in the Bow Island Health Center. Many of these people here have been very supportive and sympathetic, and it would have been hard to manage this time without them. We have managed to do this as we knew Mom was going to die while we were gone and both she and Dad wanted us to know they wished us to serve the Lord on a mission. It is still very hard, but we take comfort in the fact she is now at peace. It is hard to express our thanks to the wonderful people who work in the Bow Island Health Center; for the incredible care they gave to both Mom and Dad during the last few weeks. They did more than we ever expected and were so kind to all of our family. We must especially mention Laurie Haynes, a dear family friend, who we were told was an angel to our Mom and Dad. We knew she would do no less. How grateful we are to be from a small country town with such exemplary care. We mourn, but know we have competent caring family who will look after Dad. Mom's funeral will be on Jan. 29, and we will have been in Moldova about 5 hours by then. We love her and revere her life and will carry on as she asked us to. It is our duty.

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  1. Just wanting to thank you for this message and the beautiful thank you card in the mail. I had tears while I was reading it. I was honored to look after your mom and in turn your dad. Their devotion and love for each other was and remains so special. I wish more people in our world could see that. I see where the two of you learnt that from. My thoughts and prayers are with you all and your dad as he recovers from his health issues he is having. Denise keeps me updated on his condition and I send hugs to him from her. It sounds like you are having a great time. I have always cherished our friendship and love you both. You are amazing people always trying to help others. Thank you for your help, support and love over the years. Just on a side note I thought I should inform you of Teds son Todd death. He was found dead on January 17 in Lethbridge. Its been a challeging time once again, but things will work out. I wish you all the best on your venture. Take care Love Laurie Haynes