Sunday, 31 January 2016

Jan 31 2016. Here are a few pictures from Moldova, it is not a pretty time of year. The top 2 are looking out the window of the apartment we are borrowing for a few days [until we find one] Most of the buildings are the old Soviet type blocks, large, solid and rather ugly. As one can see, they look rather slummy, but are often nice inside [once you are past the cold, dark scary stairs that interestingly are called in Romanian-scara] The field is junky, but 2 more blocks are being planned. Parking is also scary, there is about one spot for every 10 apartments. Next is a picture of the Church, a renovated house with 3 floors being used. The sign is the Romanian name for the Church. The final pic is of the street; the parking lot is the sidewalk as there is nowhere else to park. We went to Church for the first time and met lots of people whose name we could not remember. There are 14 young elders and sisters here, 5 in the Russian branch and 9 in the Romanian branch. Most of those at Church are younger, 15-35 range with some smaller children. We sat thru Sacrament meeting with no translator; Lynn could understand important words like -and, because, then. Deb had a translator for Sunday School, Lynn was rather stubborn and tried to pick out words. He did notice that most Moldovans would feel comfortable as auctioneers. The members were nice and we did meet most of the young adults we will be dealing with. The names- well, that will come with time. We continue to be completely lost in the city when being driven around; apparently a car is waiting for us when we are ready, we are thinking maybe in a year or so. We will be looking for a place to live tomorrow- hopefully much closer to downtown as this one is a long way out. Can we say culture shock?!

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  1. Wo, wait a minute. Lynn was being stubborn? Hard to imagine.