Sunday, 14 August 2016

Hungary YSA-2

August 14 continued.  On Day 2 we had a service project at multiple places. Our group went to a school where we were divided into groups of 10 or so with 2 supervisors. We were to paint a large room, with people who had never painted. We had mostly Romanians, Czechs and Poles. They were all eager to learn, using paint we had to dilute, with rollers and a tray that hung in the buckets. It was interesting. But we had tapers, edgers, rollers and painters, all worked together and we had a good time. That evening there was a talent show, only one pic from that, and the next day a country by country presentation. Deb and I did Moldova, and commented that it was ironic, having Canadians presenting Moldova. It was all interesting. Lots of great talent in all.
I am with Elina and Irina from Romania, starting our painting. We had the helping hand vests, all in Polish

I rather got tangled up in the silly vest

Sevghi in her room, much more of a challenge, no masking tape

Nina, not showing off for the camera, maybe the first time ever

As previously stated

I thought my couple on the ladder were rather chummy and hugging a little more than necessary. Found out they are getting married in 2 weeks, I guess it was a good excuse. Not a lot of painting occurred up high.

Talent show, a Hungarian bird dance

Conference room prior to country presentations

Fellow front and center is Bosnian

the Polish group, rather neat shirt-flag. Girl on right, Kaja, said I was like a grandpa. Very sweet young lady, member of 2-3 months.

The Poles put up Polish tongue twisters and had people in the audience try to say them, Try the next two, English is on the bottom.

Actually real words
It was all a lot of fun, we met so many interesting people.

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