Monday, 8 August 2016

YSA the beginning

August 8 2016 We are in Dobogoko Hungary tonight after a long bus ride. We began on Saturday night at 8 pm in Chisinau, driving overnight to Bucharest and arriving at 5 am. We walked to the Church in the dark, finding there that our phone did not work with roaming. So after a borrowed phone, we got in the Church building at 630 am, and stayed there until 7 pm, going to Church meetings in the meantime. At 715 pm, we got on a bus with 15 youth, driving to Dobogoko, with stops in Ploesti and Klug, arriving here at 1015 am, a 15 hour drive. Not exactly restful, but we are here and safe. Hungary looks a lot like parts of Canada, nice big farms, lots of sunflowers and corn and even a species of small deer- wow, was it nice to see something wild except dogs. It is a beautiful country with a very odd language. I got to see some of their currency after realizing we had no food until evening, and everyone needed to eat. There are about 150 YSA here from 9 eastern European countries, so it is nice to see so many young people. Lots of languages, so everything is done in English as it is the most common language used by all. We will be here until Friday am, then the bus rides begins again. It is a gorgeous place, up in the hills north of Budapest, at a hotel called the Walden hotel. We have completely filled the place and we are actually in a small place a couple of blocks away. There were some positives this week, 3 baptisms  in Moldova this week, a good lesson in Balti, and safety. But there were lots of cancelled lessons , ticket problems, cancelled dinners and lot of other issues. but we expect a good week and it is nice to be a beautiful place. Not many pics today, lots more later.
The building where we will sleep

Hungarian is an odd language, written and spoken

The Walden Hotel, a beautiful place

First night together
We expect a good time and maybe even a rest. So far, the food is very good.

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