Sunday, 13 November 2016

Post Remembrance day

Nov 13 2016  It was Remembrance Day in Canada 2 days ago, we wore our poppies here in Moldova and got lots of questions and comments. Only negative one- they thought poppies were a weed. Well, they are a lot like weeds, but a beautiful weed, like the efforts of Canadian soldiers all over the world- a beautiful effort to protect freedom. Today is the second leg of the presidential elections here, between 2 candidates, Sandu, a pro-European, anti-corruption lady who seems genuinely sincere and honest, and Dodon, who wants to move back into the Russian sphere of influence, using a lot of dirty politics, fear, etc. He even got the backing of the Orthodox Church, who were very nasty to Sandu, questioning her morals. She is single, therefore must be immoral, according to the head of the Orthodox Church. Most progressive people here hope for Sandu, but the pro-Russian forces are well funded and have used a lot of scare tactics. We will know the results tomorrow. This is not the entire Parliament, but simply a direction. Members of our Church are all solidly behind Sandu. We have been growing in our Friday night FHE or activity. This week we played Bunko or Bunco, a dice game. It was a challenge with 52 people, in a small building. And food, we made scones and apple bread and Cooleys had to go buy 3 cakes as well. Oh my, the food consumed, and we have no food budget except us here on missions. It is a nice challenge to have. As I write, it is lightly snowing after a full day of rain, and is threatening winter weather. We are also in the middle of apartment inspections which is interesting. Some missionaries are very clean, some are not, and it is not always the men who are untidy. All of our other teaching activities have kept us hopping, but busy is good. Okay, here is the sad thing we found out this week.  A little know fact of Moldova is it is the #1 source of illegal organ donations. Those who practice this illegal medicine prey on the poor and the young, and it is encouraged by some in government who also take their share of the money cut. We have a young member who is desperate for money, and is donating part of his liver. He is dealing with crooks of course, was told there is a 20% mortality rate, and may wake up with more than part of a liver gone, if he wakes up. We had initially managed to get him to delay this, but the money spoke. If he ever gets it. There are some terrible people here preying on the poor. I think jail is too easy for these dishonest criminals. We can do little, but it is a shame. A supposedly illegal practice encouraged by politicians. No wonder people do not trust their government here. On a happier note, we did a visit to Orhei Vechi with some sisters this week, hence the following pictures.
 A nice wagon, with our red Opel in the background. He was spreading manure.

Calf on a rope,which they all are. The corn is all in stokes, to be used in winter and be able to shed some water.

Opening to the underground Church in Orhei Vechi, with a bell tower

Sister Nicol and Deb, looking at the limestone rock on the edge of the underground church. There are openings from old shells in the limestone with coins in them for luck

Each opening has a coin, most are Moldovan, but they are from  all over eastern Europe.

Hey, Russell, this coin is for you, for luck.

Building a wall from limestone, hard backbreaking work.

A famous old cross at Orhei Vechi, with sisters Nicol, Lee, Jerez and Schow.

An old guy near the church on top

Cute kid just wandering around.
There are weeks when the poverty just gets to you, this was one of those weeks. It is hard to realize you just cannot fix everything. Lots of the inequity in the world we can help with, but in the end, God is the great Equalizer for us all.

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