Sunday, 27 November 2016

Thanksgiving week

Nov 27 2016.It seems blasphemous for a Canadian to celebrate a Thanksgiving in November, but when one is surrounded by American influence, what is one to do? We had a mission day of Thanksgiving, where the missionaries were to thank the members by service and small gifts of cookies. So we prepared by cooking some cookies as not all the missionaries have an oven. And frankly, ours are much better than theirs, Pride? No, reality. I have tasted both. Cookies with M and Ms, now there is something to be thankful for. Then we were asked to take them to a restaurant for dinner so we did not have to prepare a big meal, that was nice. There is a restaurant here, owned by an American, as pics will show, he had happy Thanksgiving on the board. What was the special dish for the special day? Not turkey, or curcan. It was chicken wings- they were good, but it did feel odd. Turkey was not on the menu. So we "were given" the opportunity to take 16 missionaries to dinner and pay for it. It was okay, but they were rather loud. We gave them a spending or ordering limit, and some pushed it right to the max- appetizers, main course and dessert. One complained of gaining weight on his mission-duh. Everyday we cooked this week, for one event or another. Made some wicked pumpkin cookies. The pumpkin is like a squash, but looks like a brown pumpkin, with  a very thick orange flesh. A very nice veggie. There was a lot of fog this week, and it continues through today. Does it mean rain, who knows, it rains so much already. We also had 4 new missionaries come in, will get to orient them. We  had 2 YSA teach line dancing and such at FHE, it was fun to watch. We read the handbook, it seemed okay for missionaries as long as no touching or pairing off. Deb got scolded twice on the bus yesterday, once by the driver and once by the ticket taker. There are blessings to not understanding language, she just shrugged and smiled. Frustrating to yell at someone and not have them understand you. We have an understanding that if ever we are stopped by the police again, we speak only English. Oh, this week, we watched a police car honk at someone to run a red light, they did and so did he. Hard to have respect at times. It was a peaceful week in the country anyway. Highlight, another baptism.
At the Smokehouse, Elder Savage and Kramer, 2 of the more mature Russian missionaries. They elected to sit with us.

The crew from L to R, Sister Sterrett, Sister Jerez, then Elders Griffith, Green, Tita, Hubbard, Blaylock, Gore, Lemon, Jensen and Rybyskyy

Other direction from L to R, Elder Gore, Lemon, Jensen, Rybyskyy, Brodskyy, Sisters Lee, Schow, Sterrett, Jerez

The next several pictures are from FHE, all learning dances, non partnered

Mihai Zgarbor and Anatoli Jobea; Tolia was baptized Saturday

Maria Gorea and Nina Scurtu, teaching dancing.
This week looks busy, we are starting the Christmas season, in addition to all else. Service this week, concert next week, all should be good. The stores here are starting the Christmas rush as well.

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