Sunday, 11 December 2016

Christmas letter 2016

Dec 11, 2016  For our family and friends, who expect a Christmas letter, here is our version this year. Sorry, an unusual blog, but here it is, like it or leave it!
        Edwards Christmas Letter 2016 from the land of Moldova
1.     And it came to pass in the land of eastern Europe, in the country of Moldova, that Lynn and Debby Edwards had spent almost a year as missionaries. And they did reflect much on the past year and the many changes that had occurred in their lives.
2.     And they did especially rejoice for the blessing and presence of Skype and other electronic tools that did allow them to communicate with family freely and did see frequent pictures of grandchildren rapidly growing, yea, and even coming into the world [ well, not the entire process, just the end result]
3.     And they did marvel much at the sparing of their lives again and again on the road and streets of Chișinău, and the highways of Moldova, where much carnage takes place, and much craziness enters the roads in a very speedy and speeding manner, and where laws are something to be broken frequently. And they did thank their vehicle, a red Opel that did somewhat resemble a car.
4.     And Deb did refuse to drive because of exceeding great fear, and Lynn did drive and become much like a Moldovan, to his wifes dismay and terror.
5.     And they did delight in Moldovan cuisine, well, at least half of them, and taste foods like sarmale, and odd salads, and a corn meal dish like food, but called mamaliga, and verily, it was nasty and foul. And Deb did refuse to eat carp. And who knew walnuts could have worms?
6.     And it came to pass that they both realized quickly that living together in constant close proximity was interesting, yea, at times too interesting, and they did both repent and change and did still love each other, after the wounds did heal.
7.     And they did travel much on roads which did keep one awake when tired, and did often brake for horse and wagons. And Deb did realize that one cannot get enough pictures of wagons, though after 1000, it was verily close to enough.
8.     And they did visit piațas often and could find almost anything and everything in a piața, and the sales people did recognize us and smile often, and even try to speak to us in both words of English they knew. And they were exceedingly friendly.
9.     And Lynn and Deb did teach much, classes in 3 languages, medicine, cooking, English, Self-Reliance and other assorted things. And Deb did make quilts on a Toyota machine, which did sound much like a John Deere of ancient vintage. And they did help much in the branches of the Church in Moldova. And they grew to love many people, especially the young adults, and especially the humble , poor people of Moldova. For they were genuine, kind and caring despite much poverty.
10.                         And Deb and Lynn did marvel much at poverty, and corruption and inequality and the goodness of most people who manage in circumstances most could not imagine. And at times they were almost overwhelmed, but knew they could do some things to help. And they did wonder at the materialism of themselves and many others from our country.
11.                        And they were overjoyed at Brendan and how well he did on his mission to New Mexico, for he had matured, grown and changed, all for the better, even though he was very good to begin. And there was no pride, but they were exceedingly well pleased.
12.                        And they both were thankful for family, to watch a father , to watch a house and finances and to care for each other. And blessings were counted frequently, but the end was never accomplished.
13.                         And they did both realize that their brains were older and somewhat less plastic than in earlier years. But luckily with their age, this was often forgotten quickly, along with other assorted facts.
14.                          And they do thank all their  friends and family, but more especially those who remember to write to them. But they do love you all , and for those who have neglected to write, repent speedily and all will be well,
15.                        We do love and miss you all, have a happy and holy Christmas!
                                  Elder Lynn and Sister Debby Edwards

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