Saturday, 31 December 2016

Christmas lights

Dec 31 2016, It is the last day of the year, we are preparing to have a group of YSA over tonight. We have just got info on transfers as well, and even though it is still daylight, the fireworks, noise anyway, are already starting. This post is all courtesy of Elder Jensen, who managed to get a lot of pictures of the lights of Chisinau, having a very good camera. So this post is mainly pictures and, technology permitting, a couple of videos. They love their Christmas decorations here.
These lights are hanging over all of the main streets of Chisinau, and are actually quite pretty

The continuous line of red tail lights also adds to the Christmas spirit

The main city hall, well lit

This net of lights is over the main center of the city, a lot of work, but looks very nice.

The Arch on Cathedral park

Crowds at the center

Missionaries at Malldova

More decorations at the center

Inside Malldova, the most American like mall here.

Nativity play at the Church, from L, Nick, Elder Griffeth, Vitaly , Elder Kramer, Elder Savage, Marina, Sasha, and Elder Rybyskyy

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