Sunday, 29 January 2017

Just a small update

Jan 30 2017. As of yesterday, we have been in Moldova for one year. At times it has seemed to go by very quickly, and at times, it seems like forever since we were home. It has been a surreal experience in many ways. We still are in the grips of winter, with 3-4 bitter cold days with a nasty north wind which feels like our favorite Manyberries wind from SE Alberta. It is impossible to keep a car clean, but the snow has not continued to fall. And it is still January, after all. It was an odd week, with much preparation at the beginning of the week, and then a lot of meetings, cooking and such at the end. We were blessed to be able to watch the Worldwide Missionary broadcast, see the brethren and feel of their spirit and testimony. Having such close contact with young missionaries, it will be interesting to see how the changes impact them as well. We had been fasting, so had a supper at 2130, interesting to time to end a fast. Then we got to prepare food for zone conference on Friday, then food for FHE on Friday night, then a supper on Saturday with some young American friends, then a dinner for our missionary prep class. Much cooking, but I did learn how to make a dynamite pumpkin pie from scratch, that Deb thought was great. We will be making some decisions on missionary apartments in the next few days, as we try to get out of some problem places. There are literally hundreds of empty apartments in this city and hundreds being built. It is a place where people here feel safe investing any money they have. Oh, our FHE , which was a special night on missionaries and what they do, and had the mission president, President Ivory. We had about 60, making food for about 30. It was interesting.
Marin Iachimov was the main presenter at our FHE, one of our favorite people. A native Moldovan, he lives in Bucharest

Part of the group

Elder Cooley in the front with the food, President Ivory is center in the back

Marianna Gorea, who loves pictures

The group after, Sister Ivory is in the middle. Both she and President have had a nasty flu

Our missionary class, from left Iulia, Elder Brodskyy, Elder Huntsman, Vitalie, Chiril, Nina and Sister E
So that is the short update, all is well.

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