Sunday, 1 January 2017

Anul nou

Jan 1 2017  Well we have wondered at times in this holiday season whether Moldovans celebrated Christmas on Dec 25 or Jan 7 or both, as some have told us. As it turns out, we were looking at the wrong holiday entirely, as it is New Years Eve that is the holiday of holidays for this country. We wondered as by Friday afternoon, the street were almost impassable, the stores were congested and people were bustling about everywhere. By Saturday morning, you almost could not get into any grocery store and the piatas were completely packed. There were fireworks for sale all along the streets at small vendors and the Christmas trees, live, were for sale until  the end of Dec 30. Then Saturday evening, about 1030 pm, the noise and the fireworks began. We wondered about a war at first, as there was so much banging all over. The fireworks in the sky did help us get orientated. By 1130 pm the noise and fireworks were increasing, and by midnight it was unbelievable, lasting in duration more than an hour of continuous fireworks , some even off of neighbors balconies.  Let us just say Deb did not sleep until well after 2 am. Now, the fact we had many YSA over as well as missionary drop-bys, did not help our sleep situation, and having 9 sleep on our floor after the get together, did not let us get to sleep early. But the holiday here is New Years Eve. This morning, the city was completely quiet until early afternoon- our church commute which is normally 30-40 minutes , was 12 minutes. Did I mention another earthquake this week? We woke, heard the lights and closet doors shaking and waited for the end, then went back to sleep. We are pros to this earthquake stuff now. Another interesting tradition- young people go door to door singing or reciting poetry or something. one of them rings a bell while they do their thing. Oh, and it is expected that if you listen, you will pay, the price is your choice. The first ones that came about Wednesday, asked if we wanted to receive something. I had no idea what this was about  and just said no. We learned later how rude we were. And repented, having two groups last night. Yeah, we paid. I asked them to slow down, like it helped. The missionaries went out carolling for service and were paid 250 lei, they were most surprised. {Now the Russians, we would pay to stop them, but the Romanians, again, like angels} Interesting times. We had a chocolate bar unwrapping game at FHE, have to roll 2 doubles , put on mitts and try to get into a wrapped candy bar. I have never seen people stuff a candy bar into their mouth so quickly. I was rehearsing my Heimlich manoveur as I was sure we would deal with aspiration. Squirrels have nothing on these competitive youth. Oh, and we are well into influenza season here, just like home. We never did find a place for flu shots here, so we are keeping our fingers crossed and our hands washed. Pictures again are assorted, will try to explain.
Elder Griffeth, in the candy bar game, Squirrels, eat your heart out.

This pic and the one 2 down are a house a guy lives in in the down town area, surrounded by apartments. It is rather unique

How to decorate a tree, outside, if you have too  many decorations and not enough tree

Beautiful yard and house again.

Sister Lee takes this game seriously, and is trying to explain the rules

Tibi, the short guy on the end , was visiting from Bucharest, and is a Church translator.

See the cool Canada mitts?

Note the gathering around food?

We took this picture to show that there is never too much tinsel, just not enough tree.

This tree, in front of a store, seemed an example of how to decorate in a wind. Throw the decorations in the air and see what sticks to the tree.

These next 3 pictures are in front of a guys workshop in Chisinau, he has a He is a metal artist as you can see by the work. We drive by this every day and had to stop and take some photos.

So sorry for 2 posts in one week, we look forward to finishing the holidays and having quiet at night again. Notice no snow, we are lucky as it all melts within a few days- so far.

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