Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Ah, DST and small things

Mar 28- We are a little late this week, it has been very busy with a large number of small things. Buying a bed, desks and other things. But one of the small things was a 5 mm stone in an elder's kidney. Sometimes small things can become big things, or feels like mountains. Oh the memories which were brought back by watching this all unfold- none of which were pleasant. When thoughts of urinary stents dance through one's head, one is grateful to watch rather than to feel. Unlike the verses in the Book of Mormon, nothing yet has come to pass. But we have meds and prayers. And a tough elder, who has not passed out yet, unlike me. We did have a disappointment this week, just after we began volunteering in a school, and just before our next session, we were called by the administration, and told there were some papers that needed to be signed by the Minister of Education, before we can return. We think it may have been a parent. I was told the young people really enjoyed having us and want us back soon. Yet another form of opposition here, it has been interesting. We did try to find some bedding out plants, to find some flowers to transplant at a home where we will do some service. We looked everywhere and did find one nursery, but with a small supply. We did have an activity planned at the home, but there was a forecast of rain, so the home postponed it. How was the weather? Sunny and very warm. We are rescheduled. Transfers are happening as well this week. Our Elder Welling, only here for 3 months, from Finland, will be a trainer of a new elder. Quite a responsibility, but he does very well with language. Okay, just for fun, a few funny traditions here. One we say a week ago when a young man would not sit on the corner of the table during a meal. If you do, you will not get married. Whistle in the house and have no money. WE found out girls cross their legs while standing, waiting, because if a crow flies over with uncrossed legs, it is bad luck. To me, there are so many crows, that bad luck is not wearing a hat when the ugly birds fly over. Trust me, I have seen the streets and statues. Accomplishment today, I went into a furniture store to buy a bed for a missionary and get it delivered. Done, with only Romanian spoken. Now it may end up being a queen sized and end up in Balti, but what the heck. Deb said I did well, I was not so sure. I am getting good at getting oil changed and tires fixed- did we ever tell you how the pot holes are here? We are not talking pots, we are talking fire pits in size. Lost one car last week in one, but it smoothed out the road for the next driver. We are here to serve.
We went to an agricultural piata one day, looking for bedding out plants, and saw the largest ammount of apples ever. we think it was a distribution point for all the city, certainly fruit in bulk, almost all apples. 

Cost of these apples was between 25-40 cents a kilogram

This entire row was bulk potatoes and onions. bags and bags

These trucks stay on the side of the road, with their goods, whether rocks, sand, or only truck. They stay until a job comes along.

Want to cut some wood, all oak or maple?

This is a common buggy here for kids, like a tricycle, but in a buggy form. Young children love them, as they can help

The next 4 pictures are from a chocolate bar unwrapping game. A chocolate bar is wrapped in multiple layers of paper and tape, and has to be unwrapped with oven mitts [not enough] a spoon and a knife. You only get to unwrap when you roll a double. As soon as another person rolls a double , they begin. When you get into the chocolate, you eat until a double is rolled. Animals , they were.

A game of arranging yourselves in order of height, no looking

A game where a number is called, 2 people jump up and run over others and around, trying to get back to their place first.

Tudor Pogor, baptized on Saturday. Elder Welling on his R and Elder Gore on his L. Elder Gore was here for 9 months and was finally delivered, At times the pregnancy was difficult.
Today we saw cherry blossoms, I also got the snow tires off. it is spring. And it is light until 730 , yahoo!. I love the light of DST. 

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