Sunday, 12 March 2017

Spring is here?

March 12 2017 Spring has sprung , the grass has riz, I wonder where the flowers is.  Well, in Moldova, in the first and second week of March, the flowers are all for sale on the street. Mainly tulips from Holland, but flowers by the hundreds of thousands, for sale on every corner and especially at the flower piațas. The big day was Mettes birthday, the 8 of March, or Womens day, which is their mothers day. But the rest of the week was very big for flowers and they were given to every woman in the country, I believe. For a poor country, there was a lot of money spent on flowers. We took 2 young women to catch a bus to Kiev on Tuesday night, and it was at a station next to a flower piața. It took well over an hour for what would have normally been 15 minutes. People were triple parked, police were there giving tickets and flowers were leaving at an astonishing rate. At 9 pm at night. It was amazing. I did get Deb flowers, and the inhabitant of the grave did not complain too much, (joke). We got some for our sisters in Bălți, buying 7 bunches as there are never more than 7 and usually about 5-6. They were having a special activity so there were 10 sisters, awkward for us. We explained to the younger ones the situation and they were good, we think. I am sure those tears were just the joy of seeing us again. Actually, the cookies and cake- a delicious pumpkin cake- made things better. Because flowers, while pretty, dont taste that good. We seem to have begun a wet season, as it has begun to rain, but the weather is great. This week we moved a set of elders and then helped them clean, we were praying that our sons apartment was much better that what we have cleaned and inspected. Please?! We seem to be busy with so many things lately, but it is all good. We are already realizing how quickly time passes and how much we will miss people. Oh, in case you are wondering , I do have a screw loose, but I got the tire fixed this week and my mental status has improved a lot.
Okay, if ever you complain about your home, this is the residence of the mother of one of our members in Bălți. What you see is what is there. The only bright spot is the pink blanket in the corner, made by Deb. You cannot see the fire pit, in the middle of the floor.

The outside of the same home, amazing eh? Home is a strong word to use for this place.

This is a well along the highway, with a beautiful picture of Christ and the woman of Samaria. With the real well, a classic.

I said once Deb did not have enough pictures of these, I am trying.

Ever see a sign like this on a highway?

A game of giants, wizards and elves. People have to act it out, then the winner  tags the loser.  It is an active rock, paper, scissors

Ever seen a horse and buggy at a gas station for a fillup?

This guy, no lie, said he wanted his picture on the internet. So now he has, along with Elder Gerber-Kai on the L, Elder Savage on the R. It is a little hard to tell the horse and Elder Savage apart,  but the horse is the cute one.

Sister Edwards, Nina, Andreea Alexandroaia and Mariana. Andreea is engaged a nice young man, Alessandro, from Idaho. She and Nina were in Kiev this week.
So all is well, we are doing well, are happy and yes, Deb has 2 bunches of flowers on the table.

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