Sunday, 30 April 2017

Goodbye Cooleys

April 30 2017. We are now 5 days post Cooleys, they have returned to Nibley Utah after 18 months of service. We had a YSA party for them on Monday night as they were always supporting whatever YSA activity was going on. They were generous to a fault, if that is a fault. He and I agreed to swap fishing and hunting pictures. Yes he too is a good man. We inherited their Opel for a couple of weeks, an SUV with all wheel drive, a fact they never shared while they had the bigger car. Hmmm. We actually miss our little Opel which is much nicer to dart through holes in the traffic and dart into holes in the roads. When will it return? Don't know, the suspension is killing us. We got to do some hunting this week, but it was hunting for a person in a village- a village of 4200 people with only 2 street signs we could see and a rare house number- who needs numbers if you don't know what street you live on?
This is the do it yourself project- quite neat

The hunt was a partial success as the home was found, but the game was away. A couple of the pictures are from the near by village, a guy working on his project. We also got to witness an ambulance crew from here in action. We went to see a member and found him fallen on the floor , unable to get up and confused. We called an ambulance, but the members said it would be interesting.  It was, first they said why they would not take him, then refused to take info from us, only from him, who was acutely confused. Then an ECG, primitive type, then a BP, I requested a temperature, and finally they decided to take him to the hospital. How do we get a patient from the 4th floor? On a vinyl sling, head down, and they needed help. I had much I wanted to say, but none of it would have helped, so I bit my tongue-hard. And was more thankful for Western ambulance service. I have been an ambulance director and these guys would not have a job on any of my crews.  They did get the man to a hospital, what will happen next is the question. We did have a visit this week from Josef Kucskar, from Hungary, the Church CES coordinator. He visited with us, watched us teach and suggested a day of education later. He was a gracious kind man, who is a great asset here in Eastern Europe, and has seen much in his time. It was a great visit for us. So there are a variety of pictures as usual.
These are from the party, Deb made a photo booth. Imagine young people wanting their picture taken. Here are Mariana and Nina, one of at least 10 they had taken

Viktor and Alex Tita

Tita, Elder Savage, Elder Kramer

Elder Loder, Elder Morgan, Elder Hoisington and Mihai

Iulia Iuhimciuc

Evgenie Bekker, Elder Kohler, Elder Brodskyy

The group holding Elder Soloviov, Elder Huntsman is on the L front

from L, sister Idiart, Sister Langenstein, C.D., Sister Strader, Sister Dusenberry

Nikita from Balti, with a Canadian T shirt we gave him

Olga, with an afghan from my Aunt Yvonne

Still more damage

At FHE, we wove a web and tried to keep a ball in the air. It worked sometime

Here is the "stretcher", or sling. Imagine 4 floors of this

If one was not well before, one was after the carry
I am more thankful than ever for good ambulance services. Kelly Byam in Bow Island, take a bow. I appreciate you even more now.


  1. Cute photo booth mom!! It looks so fun!
    Is that mans just dangling off the stretcher?!?