Sunday, 7 May 2017

Soroca 2

May 7 continued. This is simply more pictures of Soroca and surrounding area.  A beautiful day and a beautiful city. I have none of the gypsy houses, this may take another trip if time allows.
Another view of the courtyard, Alina is in the foreground as well as the Alemans

There are a few pictures of our intimate picnic for 40. I have described this preparation of food as feeling like a small fish , bleeding in the water while sharks are preparing to dine.

I was certain we would run out of food, and we did .But they were all full and happy. What did they like the most? Perish the thought, it was the peanut butter. Enough to make one nauseous.

A few of the stairs to Lumina Recunoștința

It is an impressive monument , up on a large hill of limestone

View to the north of the city of Soroca, the fortress is on the corner of the river just as it bends to the east. Again, Ukraine is on the right.

Nina and Marina. It was hard to believe 2 people could talk so much for hours on end. My tongue was tired from listening.

the Alemans, who have been a blessing to our members in Bălți

We were keeping our hair from blowing in the wind, I think.

Almost all the group on the top of the hill , minus me for picture taking

the monument, Lumina Recunoștința
We had a great day, great scenery, great company and  of course, great senior couples.


  1. Hair Elder Edwards. Right. That's exactly what you were keeping from blowing

  2. Also, I am not an annoying kid that photo-bombs your pictures. I am the cherry on the top of a cake. You know that.