Sunday, 28 May 2017


May 28. It is truly spring in Moldova when the poppies are in bloom, in the fields and along the roads. They weem to be a weed, but a very beautiful one at that. There are other beautiful red things appearing in Moldova at this time of  year, like strawberries, cherries, greenhouse tomatoes- okay we are stretching it here, and what are truly beautiful, fresh peas. These all come much earlier than home. Any way, a drive out in the country is just beautiful to see, and poppies are Deb's favorite flower here. We had a nice dinner mix or casserole here today, fed 26 at dinner. A nice mix of new potatoes, broccoli, peas, chicken and bacon. Are pigs a spring meat? Nu știu, which is Romanian for I dont know, but sounds like new stew, which pigs are good for. Sorry. Today, there will be a lot of pictures and I will just comment on them. We are just tired. Any ideas for food for large hungry groups?
I warned you there would be poppies, Here are a few, it will be our last chance to take these. Winter wheat is in the background, a full crop

These purple flowers are lupine like, we do not know the name, but they also are everywhere right now

The country side is green , green green

City sign for the city of Bălți, a city of 100,000 that is really like a bunch of villages

I said there is a lot of poppies.

These ramps are along the highways, so you can drive up them to repair your car or truck along the road.

The next 4 pictures are from a balloon stomp, where you have 3 teams, each with a separate color of balloon. The goal is to pop the other teams balloons while protecting your own. It gets a little wild .

As a suggestion, it is hard to balloon stomp in a miniskirt. or high heels

Bubble gum blowing contest.

Zlata proved us wrong, we did not feel any Moldovan knew how to blow bubbles. She did great.

Chiril Josan, baptized on Saturday, with his sister Adriana, and Sisters Langenstein and Dusenberry

We just love these two, like our family.

A large group of all, Every one was excited for Chiril.
So all is well here. We have had our last zone conference, our last mission president interview. Time is running out for us here. Scary stuff.

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