Sunday, 9 July 2017

Getting ready for home

July 9 2017  This is the second post of today, I have been trying to accumulate all the pictures of the last few days. This is truly hard, saying goodbye to dear friends and people who are like family to us. so if you hate pictures, look no further, but these are those we love. There are also a few Moldova pics, because this country is seriously beautiful. If Moldova can overcome the Russian influence, especially from within, and get a chance to prosper, it would be a great tourist place In maybe my final soapbox, I read an article this week, where President Dodon, said the Orthodox church is Moldova, and changes to freedom of religion were needed to protect the Orthodoxy. Dangerous words to those who love freedom and dangerously close to that of his crony ,Putin, who is no friend of freedom. I smell Russian influence, and it is not good for Moldova, especially for religious freedom. I hope and pray Moldovans can see the inherent evil in this leadership and not elect a government with a power-hungry, corrupt leader. There, that is a Canadian viewpoint. Enough of that.
I showed one of these before, but it is a rototiller  used as transportation

2 different forms of transportation

A last view of our church and our beloved Opel

Deb and the sisters made these blankets and donated them to a lady for charity

Ecaterina Gasnaș and her daughter Ana, Catia is the business person for the Church here. We became very good friends and had a mutual respect for each other.

We found Hagrids motorbike on the streets of Chișinău!

Keri Ralls, a former missionary and her sister Cinnamon

A lovely country well

The sun is setting quickly on our experiences here.

Lee and Annette Cooley, former missionaries here, back for a visit. They left just after we came. 

Water night at FHE

A wet and happy group, note the church courtyard.

The Vogelbergs, humanitarian missionaries, very good friends

The Godfreys, our replacements in YSA
There will likely be 2 more posts on this blog from Moldova. Just warning you.


  1. I hope you showed the Godfreys how to make a blog. What will we do without you both?! This is the only way the missionary moms learn about the country where our children are serving! You will be dearly missed! Thank you so much for your unselfish service!

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