Tuesday, 4 July 2017

National holidays

July 4. Today is American Independence Day, and we will celebrate it at an American restaurant with 4 people today. We will acknowledge how important America is to us, despite their many glitches and some arrogance. We love many people from the country, and most are good, despite President Trump. Hopefully they can maintain their identity through his rule. We did celebrate Canada Day on Friday, one day early. We had a slide  show on Canada, for our activity night, to display the many beauties of our fair land. The second last slide was of Pinto McBean, a national treasure. At least to us. They all thought he was a potato, imagine. Then we played floor hockey and human tic tac toe. We were to have scones or beaver tails, but a day of 38 degree  temperature changed our mind, we had ice cream sundaes. I will show the fruit later and the cost. Okay, it is hitting us right in the teeth that our time is short. We are trying to do much , to see many, and to remember much. I have tears way more than is normal for a man, and we both wonder about early onset dementia. At least, I think I remember talking about it. We love so many here. On Sunday, I was going to talk in our testimony meeting, then Nina, my 5th daughter, stood up and said some very emotional things abut love and us and being like parents to her. I was a serious mess. I did try to talk, very hard to do in Romanian, especially when blubbering, but I was understood. We love these people so much and it is hard to think only a week remains for this adventure. It is very true, that we love those we serve. We had a dinner with a potato bar after church, only about 22 this week, and it was just great to have them all here. Yesterday we took 4 sisters to Orhei Vechi and we will also miss those associations. We have felt very useful here and frankly we will also miss that. One tends to forget the challenges and remember only the great memories. Moldova, we love you! We do have a lot of pics today, Deb has to get in all the horse and wagons she can.
Nothing special here, but a nice picture

How they do hay, most of this was cut by scythe.

3 kg of peaches, cost 24 lei or about $1.30

5.5 kg of raspberries, cost 110 lei or almost $6

There are a few floor hockey pictures,  missionary moms, you may see your child. No injuries were had in the making of this picture.

the start of Human Tic tac toe

Adriana and Chiril Josan, who left for Germany for 2 months. They are like our kids, we love them both dearly. Adriana is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.

There were some tears.

Our good friend Nic, not a member, but a regular attender of activity nights and dinners

Enough of the horses and carts, already!

A sparkling piece of farm equipment

At Orhei Vechi, putting in money is for luck, in the limestone. Russell, this is for you again. We used a higher amount for increased luck.

From left, Sister Edwards, Dusenberry, Idiart, Langenstein, Nemelka. Scarves are mandatory to enter an Orthodox church

An interesting old shrine

Closest thing to a mountain goat here, an unrestrained domestic goat

Victor and Iulia Ceban, with son Maxim. He is branch president, I was his councillor, and we became good friends. Iulia is Russian.
Well, we are nearing the end of a post, we probably only have 2 more posts, thankfully tears dont smear on a computer. 


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    1. You have no idea how much we love you and your brother. You are both so special to us.

  2. Mom I love the picture with you, Adriana and chiril!