Sunday, 14 February 2016


Feb 14 Happy Valentines Day, a big day in Moldova. Deb did get some flowers so her husband did not totally blow it, but here it seems chocolate and other treats are also in order. I did cook dinner anyway. Okay, for any who are not family, this may well be a boring post, but for family, these are some pics of where we live and it is not shabby. Eighth floor for country folks is a long way up though. #1 Out of our balcony, looking SE down Mircea cel Batrin, our main street we commute on. I have no idea how many people live here in Ciocana, but it must be tens of thousands. #2- Main bedroom with tropical doors, for those winter days when one yearns for warmth. #3 A living room shot, big couch that makes into an enormous bed- 3 young ladies from out of town slept there last night.#4 Front hallway, again with fancy closet doors, lots of closet space. The main door has locks that are unbelievable, the deadlock has 4 bolts, the door lock has 3 and there is a lock top and bottom on the door. Add to that a metal door and no one is kicking this door down. #5 Front bathroom with tub and sink, toilet is next door, very nice fancy tile, a dandelion theme- who knew that could ever be anything but an ugly weed! #6 the kitchen, all on one wall. The device near the sink is a water filter which our mission insists on. Again beautiful tile and Deb in that place she loves most, the sink. Sorry , second favorite place because the ironing board is number 1. Guess what having no dryer does to permanent press clothes? #7 back bathroom, nice shower, and the wash machine in the corner. People here have only a washer in almost all homes, and no hot water hooked up to it. The fun part- all the instructions on the washer are in Russian. That makes every wash day a new challenge. #8 is the dining room, full of computer stuff until we get a desk, which will be after we get a car. Last night we had a YSA activity, 15 youth, besides us and the Cooleys. The youth were about half members of our Church, there were 2 from Poland, 1 from Hungary, 1 from Balti [2 hours away] 2 from Orhei[ one hour away] and the Chisinau regulars. They played a lot of games between eating and love some game called Mafia, apparently an eastern Europe invention. Rather odd to us old ducks, but they loved it. Don't ask the rules, it needs a much younger mind. Anyway, for those who think we are roughing it here in Chisinau, these pictures should dispel those thoughts.


  1. Your place looks so nice! I wish I could come sleep on that giant pull out bed.
    We played mafia all the time in YSA. It's big here too. Fun! Love you both!

  2. WE are so glad you have such a beautiful safe place to live.