Monday, 29 February 2016

Feb 29 2016, An odd day in a leap year. We had a cold wind today and it made our walk a little chilly. I still wear my Canadian toque and it fits right in , even if it does say Scentlock. Keeps the old bald head warm, I tell you. So the first picture is a handout from our Learning Center here in Chisinau. The 2 Cooleys and myself are the missionaries here, Brother Plumb is an ex mission president here with the University of Utah and President Ivory is our mission president. A very distinguished group except the last fellow. This is for making us available to teach classes in English for businesses, and is to raise the profile of the Church. 95% of businessmen are completely unfamiliar with us. So it may be interesting. Sorry for the sideways view, although I do look better that way. Next we have Deb giving our old bread to the pigeons, yes kids, that is your mother. she had some flock around us, well , her. I kept my distance taking the pictures. There are a lot of pigeons and crows with a smattering of magpies. Next is some handiwork all made of paper, sorry the plastic made a sheen, but there was a light rain today. The last 2 pictures are of Martisor, small red and white decorations that are worn to celebrate the coming of spring. The last ones were all hand made; Grand daughters, expect some of these next year, your grandma loves them. As you can see, some have the flag colors in them. There are literally hundreds of people selling these, of every size imaginable. Some are really works of art, Deb gave some away on Sunday as bracelets. We have learned 2 things this week, well more , but here is the 2. First, never give flowers away in an even number. Deb went to buy 6 daffodils, that was a no-no. If you buy 2, 4 or 6, it means a funeral or something very sad. So dozen roses guys-never. Second, if there has not been a TV show on Chisinau as a place where people should not drive, there should be. Seriously, these drivers have suppressed anger issues- well it is not always suppressed. Traffic laws are at best a poor suggestion, lines are actually usually nonexistent and roundabouts, oh my, where is the Ativan? Absolutely insane ; when you give a prayer of thanks after getting thru, you know it is bad. We may just use the bus some days just to get a break. We at times use the bus as a blocker for the car; then the oncoming can't run into us.Today we decided to go thru an area because it was the middle of the day, even though a good member friend said we could die there. He was right, enough said. We are alive and probably will be just as insane and aggressive in a few months. I started some language tutoring today to try to get back in that mode. Oh where oh where has my little brain gone?

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  1. Mom!! You crazy woman! There are so many birds! Yikes!