Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Feb 16 Well I did the last pictures from a phone, thus the shortness of it all. This picture is from a YSA activity at the Cooley's apartment with the various kids from all over eastern Europe. The guy on the far right in the blue checked shirt is Ben Giles from Arkansas, doing a business internship here. He served a mission here speaking Russian and the Church in Moldova depends a lot on him. He is a wonderful guy. The 6th person from the left is Nina, who is the heart and soul of the group. She is a ray of sunshine, always smiling, Sevghi, 4th from the R is preparing for a mission and is also a gem. Now more on the Piata. We will obviously have more pictures, as it is a fascinating place. The size defies description, as there are so many booths and alleys and selling places. Every produce imaginable, one area had only huge piles of nuts, next to it huge piles [pun intended] of prunes. All ask you to try their wares or food. Deb got hopelessly lost, but luckily had her trusty husband by her side. I was able to find our way in and then out. Funny thing, we had to buy some light jackets as our winter ones were killing us in the warm weather here. We went into a small shop and the jacket that fit me best- a jacket with a Canada flag that said Canadien- obviously not NHL approved. So I do get my Canada flag to walk around in. It was 18 above today and people were beginning to smile. By the way, on the previous post, the lady near the shredded carrot- does that not look like solemn eastern Europe? Also as I said, we could not find a birthday card in the Piata, did find a Russian one in an underground kiosk. Today I got to converse with a pharmacist about a cough syrup, all  in Romanian. Dang it, no codeine, just some Icelandic concoction- but I did find Strepsils. Maybe Deb will get some sleep tonight.

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