Sunday, 22 May 2016


May 22, 2016  This is a continuance of the last post, mostly pictures. I will finish the balloon activity and then show a few of the branch picnic.
These balloons survived a few more minutes until popping began

Artie with a hair style or a hat, hard to tell.

At least it was original.

Sister Covali and daughters, the youngest , Erica, will finally let Deb hold her.

The picnic site, beautiful, but the table there we hauled from home. In an Opel

Nina, always the card, but one of the joys of our lives.

The Vogelsbergs, looking over the city. 

So this is the anniversary picture of us oldies. As you can see, we had a wonderful view of the city, all to our north.

Over my Left shoulder, way off in the distance, is Ciocana, where we live. It was about 8 km as the crow flies. Did I mention the crows?  No, not us.

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