Sunday, 29 May 2016

Bușteni 2

May 29 2016 Again, too many pictures for one blog, so here are a few more and then a few comments at the end.
As I mentioned, there were many campers in the ecological area that forbid campers, all about this size. Many had their own porta-potty tents. 

This was the Peleș castle in Sinaia, just down the road from Bușteni. It was built in the late 1800s by a Romanian king for his German wife. Even back then, it had indoor plumbing and electricity. 160 rooms in all. It was on the top of a very large hill.

Another view of the castle.

2 views of the waiting hall, fancy wood and much ornate decorations and paintings.

This is a place Bren would love, knights, swords, armor, etc. The kings had over 3000 weapons on display.

About this room, we were informed that to take pictures would cost an extra 32 lei , or about $10. I quit at this time. We have the idea.

These next 2 pictures show all the tourist stuff for sale on the walk up and back. There were gypsies selling fruit, mainly strawberries and cherries. Actually quite cheap and tasty

Some of the hand work was incredible, but pricey.

Okay, Mette , this is for you. We saw fields of poppies in Romania. They have become like a weed, but they certainly give color to the countryside. Twice we have picked them, twice they are dead in 12 hours, petals off and all. If you can see, there is also some nice blue wild flowers here 

They are really pretty, this field had multiple photographers all in the field , taking pictures.
So we came back from our conference, having had a nice break. We stopped in Ploești for Church, mistake because all four of us got to speak. Much of the branch was away at a wedding.  Beautiful country for sure. The weird thing was, as we crossed the border back into Moldova, it felt like coming home. It was just odd. 


  1. Love the poppies! Thanks! The castle and tourist booths look very familiar to me. We went somewhere that was very similar. Looks like an awesome experience!

  2. Also why doesn't the trailer have wheels? It's on the ground?

  3. Lots of places on my mission restricted pictures. Often you had to pay to take pictures, other times when you went to get them developed they would always turn out black and the negatives would be blacked out as well.