Sunday, 1 May 2016

Easter, Paște and such #2

May 1 continued. This will mainly be pictures, we as missionaries all went over to the Cooleys for lunch/dinner. There were 29 of us in a one bedroom apartment, we dont know where she got all the dishes and cutlery. The elders from Bălți and Orhei travelled down as well, so it was a loud get together. There were also 2 guys who are LDS there, one at the embassy, one at OSCE, a European organization to help Moldova. Kevin and Joshua, both ex RMs who spoke Russian. So it was a nice group. The city was quiet, nicest day we have ever driven, not one honking horn or crazed driver. We actually had food left over, the first for us as usually missionaries eat everything in sight. What do we do with leftovers? We have 2 guys that eat out of our trash, so we put food up for them to get that is not in the garbage. Hard to see, I tell you.
So the cathedral park had a few Easter decorations, just like us , with eggs and rabbits etc. Not sure what they had to do with Easter, but they were out. One tradition here is Easter bread and red dyed eggs.

Only rabbits we have seen here, except for  the ones in the meat department.

Another gaudy eggs, not in a spiritual sense.

A picture of the Moldovan parliament, with a few protestors out in front with their tents. They are always urging the people to wake up. Last Sunday was a protest, so the authorities shut down the buses and mini buses, so no one could get there. 

 A beautiful flag, being blown about by many political forces.

Dinner pictures. From the left, with full faces only described, Elder Jerome, our Canadian from Raymond, ( Hurray) then Elder Allphin, and Elder Savage from Bălți. Next elder from the side, Elder Kohler, has parents in Germany as a mission president.

Elder Boud, in front, new elder in Orhei, then Sister Nicol and Sister Brinkman, by the way, height difference in sisters of about a foot

From left, Sister Kitchen, Sister Draper, Elder Boud, and Elder Broberg from Orhei ( our favorite)

On right side, from right to left, Elder Sparhawk, Elder Lundquist, Elder Morgan from Bălți, and at the end, Elder Kramer , also from Bălți.

Left side of table, from left, Elder Findlay, Elder Bekker, and the 2 guys, Joshua and Kevin, visiting Americans

Far end from left, Elder Brown, Elder Paterson,  Elder Jerome and Elder Allphin

Big arch on the park, trying to get a good picture of the flag.
So we had a good group for dinner.There was not a lot of use contacting people today, with the holiday.  

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