Sunday, 19 June 2016

YSA activity photos 2

June 19, Mostly this is a post of pictures, there were just too many for the last one. These are all from the YSA activity of June 18.
These 2 pictures are people transcribing records from Billion Graves. They were very dedicated. The young man on the far left, Evgheni, is a very nice young guy, getting baptized soon. He saw Sister Edwards walking alone and walked with her to our learning center, just so she had some company. 

Transcribing, a little fuzzy. From left, Olga, Sasha, Dasha, Sevghi, and Boris, except for Sevghi, all from Bălți.

Bowling alley, Rock and Roll bowling. You rent each lane by the hour, shoes and all are then provided for up to 6 people

The next 4, just action shots bowling

The young guy in the back, Victor, just came to the Church for English and stayed until we were done at night. 

Cooking over charcoal. Deodor, in blue beside me, wanted to be the Bucată or cook. He is an investigator. Hey , the blue jeans and no tie were because of cooking, also my bald head needed protection from the sun.

Sister Draper and Mits, on R. Sister Mits is from Melbourne, wonderful sister, especially the accent.

Our group at supper, the smiles seemed to tell it all.

Supper was  good mix of members, nonmembers and missionaries, it was a great way to finish a busy day.

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