Sunday, 19 June 2016

YSA activity

June 19 It is Sunday, a day of rest and my, could we use some. Yesterday was a busy day, which I will describe later. Last night was thunder storm after thunder storm, at least 3 different ones that I awoke from. It was quite the light show, after a day of 35 degree hot, humid weather. So here was the week, in a nutshell. Monday was the day Deb found some clothing stores that worked for her, well, they worked after she banished her dear husband from the stores. Imagine that. We did get to teach Institute that night, a Russian/English class. Tuesday, we skyped with the Europe YSA directors, the Swensons , in Frankfurt, then had a senior conference call, then helped with a CV for a young man, then fed some members dinner, then fed the sisters and an investigator dinner, a busy day. Wednesday we went to Bălți, taught institute there and had a great time. I had a new elder , Elder Brodskyy, translate for me and he was great. The country side was beautiful, lots of cherries sold on the roadside. Thursday we did Pathways, helped with a CV again, taught Institute and had a long day. Friday was district meetings, and then FHE, we had some roundtable scripture study. I had to explain a few scriptures, some in English, some in Russian with translation and once solely in Romanian. Ouch.  Then we had games, mild table games and had about 24 kids out. It was a great turnout. Now to Saturday. We began at the Church at 11 am, and had invited Bălți and Orhei, had 5 from Bălți and 4 from Orhei come. We had spiritual thoughts at 11, Pres. Covali and Alina Dobos, then lunch of tacos with different fillings ( fed about 30) then Billion Graves with some taking pictures at a cemetery and some transcribing records, then all  went 10 pin bowling at Malldova, (28 here of YSA) and then back to the Church. The elders, mainly Lundquist, played games while we barbequed supper and prepared salads. We had BBQ pork, potato salad, pasta salad, green and fruit salad, then ice cream, banana bread, cake, and raspberry loaf. We fed 40 here. Lets just say not much food  was left over. Then Elder Findlay did a video on the Kiev temple and then we all wandered home about 730 pm. The day was up to 35 and humid, and we were tired. 4 girls slept over, including Alina. We had a full, busy day, but we considered it a success. All the youth sure seemed to have a good time, I think we have established a precedent, which is fine. We had up to 12 non members at one time, one young man came for English class and stayed with us the entire day. So there are a lot of pictures, mainly for us, they will be spread over 2 posts.
These next 5 pictures are all from the Taco lunch, We had spicy burger and then a chicken/bean/corn dish with all the toppings. It was well loved

From left, those looking at camera, Corina , Sevghi, Boris, and Sasha ( Alexandra). The last 2 are from Bălți.

On the far right, is Carla Berrara, she was a missionary here, but now is doing a business internship for the U of Utah.

Vitalli, in black is a new member, and a wonderful young man

The next few are from the Armenian cemetery, it was 35 deg. and humid. We had sections divided off with ribbons and then the YSA were paired off.

Sorry, we have a double here

Diana Gogu, was just terrified of the cemetery and worried about nightmares. So I told her about the lizards, just to change her worries. Funny, she did not thank me.

Nicu Gorea, my champ, 174 photos

Mariana and Corina, they loved to scream at animals seen in the cemetery

Most of our group, we lost some to resting from the heat. Svetlana, in black on the R, is not YSa, but asked if she could come. She is a very pleasant lady from Bălți who wanted to learn about Billion graves, she comes regularly to our institute class. We are becoming very good friends with her. Oh, yeah, very fluent in all 3 languages, a university professor.

So there are more pics on the next page. Sorry, little scenery today, all people.

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