Sunday, 17 July 2016

Ahh, the heat!

July 18, 2016  So I am out of my routine of Sunday posts, yesterday was missionary transfer day and we had some driving around to do. We were at Gara de Sud, a bus station, then Gara, the train station. The trains looked brutally hot and uncomfortable and I was thankful to not be on one. Also interesting, the gauge of rail is different between here and Romania, so trains need to be switched at the border. Finally we were at the airport at 2230, and got home well past our bed time. What was new this week? We got honked at , yelled at, even threatened in driving, especially when we dared to stop to help a drunk crawling across the street, cars were driving around, no one helped, so when we stopped to do so , we got mightily honked at. I dont think the Good Samaritan had to deal with cars on the road from Jericho. We had a fun activity at FHE, a water balloon night and water activity. It worked well as the temperature was 35 degrees and all were hot. We ran out of water balloons. Okay, and the odd part. Yesterday we were involved in planning for an outdoor nativity for the city, yes, planning for Christmas when it was 37 degrees. Those of you who know Deb, would know how this pleased her, to talk of Christmas in July. This week we tried zucchini cake and bread, the zucchini here is a light green and slightly different, but very cheap and works very well in baking. It was peach week at the piata, and also nectarines, fruit is very seasonal here. There are now lots of watermelons everywhere, those who know me will know just how pleasing that is (not!). Well, everyone else loves it, so I make do. The produce is wonderful here, and it is a good time to shop. Piatas are wonderful, I needed some C clamps to repair something at the Church, no problem at a piata, just wander around and find what you need. Deb got a great cut glass vase for flowers, heavy and beautiful, for about $6. Amazing. We had sunflowers on our table for the week.
The garbage cans on our boulevard after a weekend. Way too small and beer is way too cheap. It is rather a mess.

Our boulevard, full of people at night, and a beautiful place to walk, about 2 kilometers long

Kiril, 2nd from left, with Elder Findlay, Vitally and Elder Morgan

Our fellow Canadian , Elder Jerome, transferred yesterday. He was not able to get a Moldovan visa. We will miss him, a great elder.

One of the water activities, pouring water backwards, got a little wet

Water balloon volleyball, using towels and balloons.

They go rather high, up to 10-15 meters

Note the smaller boys in the back. One is a neighbor kid, comes over for fun and food every Friday.

People tried to catch them, not usually successfully, but it was hot.

What can we say about Nina?

Iulia, 2nd from L, and Elder Lundquist, Sister Brinkman and Nicol.
Another week by, still safe, I have been concerned about my hearing. It may be a blessing, it is hard to hear people honk at you with hearing loss.

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