Sunday, 10 July 2016


July 10 There are not as many pictures today, but they are of the sunflowers which are now for sale in the flower shops. One needs a rather big vase. It is a beautiful countryside  and is becoming more yellow. Winter wheat is almost done, vegetables are everywhere, peaches and apricots are endemic. There are flowering trees we have never seen before, some with some large orange flowers. It was not a dramatic week, we plugged away at the things we need to do. We had some revision of English lessons, we watched a few  and did some work. But the driving, oh the driving. We figure it is a good day when we have one near-miss. Tuesday we had 4 near misses, the worst on a highway when a car swerved in front of us at 100+ km/hr, missing us by inches or less. It was a bad day or a good day where we said thanks to God for protection, very serious protection. It is an unusual day to not see an accident, and people after a near miss, will chase another car, pull in front of them to make them stop and then have a nasty confrontation. Yelling at each other seems to be a way of life. We have yet to try that option and probably will forego it. We did have a zone conference on Saturday, very good, Deb and I made potato salad, taco salad and pasta salad. Huge amounts and it was needed. Cooking seems to be a way of life here. Anyway we are alive and well, it is rather fun to cook and not eat much if any of the food. More difficult to get fat. Oh, the brother in Church giving the lesson today was  rather distracted, talking of adversity in life. He told the men at least they were not fat and old. I said I beg your pardon. So he said, Sorry, but at least I did not mention that you are bald as well. Filled me with confidence and gratitude. Ah, patience.
This was our storm last Sunday, taken from our car, hence the poor quality. It was a little wet.

Near here we hit a man hole opening. I could not drive and take a picture of the river or torrent down the hill near by.

Typical swing in the blocks

The sunflowers are tall and are everywhere. Most here are used for oil, only a few for seeds to eat.

Rather beautiful country side, eat your heart out, Denise. 

Not quite a selfie, but shows the height of the flowers.
So it was not a scintillating week, just steady. We are getting the final touches on our youth conferences in August and will continue that this week.

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