Sunday, 4 June 2017

Summer and song

June 4 so here we are in June, warm weather, fruit galore and cheap, and the time is flying. We had to buy some strawberries for our family activity and we paid 120 MDL for 5 kilos of fresh berries, about $6. It seemed criminal, but then we bought fresh green onions, a bunch of about 20 for 5 lei, or 25 cents. No wonder the farmers here are poor. Cherries are about 30 lei a kilo or $1.50 for fantastic cherries. Too bad Deb is not a fruit fiend but I will do my part. Yesterday we worked in a members garden for a couple of hours in a strawberry patch, it felt really good,though not so good today. There were some trees masquerading as weeds, which took two of us to pull. Again it keeps hitting us that time is getting short, and we have much to do. One of our goals is to make each Young single adult feel that they are loved; Deb went to a high school grad for one young lady this week, she was the only person or family there for her. By the way, loving them is not at all difficult. So we carry on, having 18 for dinner today- pasta salad, potato salad and taco salad, plus an odd banana pie with graham crumbs from Canada. Bout the only crumby thing we could find about home- graham wafer crumbs. What is crumby, is the lack of sleep, thinking about the future and what we need to do here. We had karaoke at FHE, began with an old Russian song and methinks -oh no, not again. But then it picked up. They all love a Moldovan group called O-zone. The song, Dragostea din tei.
Waiting at the store in Orhei, guess this counts as having the motor idling.

Lots of storks, 3 in a field and a few in a tree, which we had not seen before. 

Childrens day was June 1, the parks were filled with activities.

2 pictures of Tolic, a good friend of all of us. He is a great singer, having been in multiple competitions

did this one once before, Deb is a sucker for the tears

Karaoke night at FHE, as you can see , some YSA and elders really got into it.  Here we have a Finn, Elder Welling, a Swede, Elder Krylborn and a Yank, Elder Housington

What they lacked in ability, they made up with enthusiasm.
Again, rather a brief blog. I had a busy medical week again, and that seems to be a trend.  Just cannot elaborate on that.

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