Sunday, 11 June 2017

Holy cow!

June 11 2017  Warning- this post may be hazardous to your health if you detest puns. You have been warned. So, Deb herd that there were some cows being painted at Cathedral park. I thought the idea udderly ridiculous, but she would not let me brush the thought away. So Saturday we were mooved to go and take pictures- no bull. So here is our tail, and a sad one it is. That is why I have milked these puns for all they are worth, it is a little cheesey, but what the hock. As long as we are a  head of the game with pictures, and Deb did want them saved. If you have any beefs with this, take it up with Deb.  I thought the pictures rather ordinary, she thought they were bovine.

So actually the art work is very Moldovan , lots of country themes and painting, I really did not mind posting these pictures at all. Now I will just hoof it to the next post.

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