Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A day in Orhei 2

March 8 again, I could not get all my pictures on the first time. So here is a thought, we drive on highways that have mile or kilometer markers the shape of tombstones. What does that tell you about our roads and the drivers? Talk about sobering. There are also multiple crosses from deaths, in addition to the shrines, it all makes you drive defensively, well, at least us. #2 is landscape along the highway, lots of vineyards and orchards, will be beautiful in a few weeks. Greening is starting and some tractors were in the fields. #3 and #4 are a couple more shrines, do you all begin to get how many there are over here? Okay, now a few pictures of missionaries #5 Sisters Smallin ( on our left, Nebraska) and Kitchen ( R from Utah)  #6 Elders Broberg ( L from California) and Brown ( R from Texas) These 2 are continually amazed by the beauty of the Canadian tongue and the purity of our English, especially the Eh part. #7 Sisters Nichols ( L from Utah) and Armstrong (R from California) These 2 have 6 and 1 week left respectively. We are continually impressed by these missionaries, their work and language. This is a tough place to serve and they do it well, from teaching English ( where most of these were tonight) to teaching the gospel. Next post I will get the rest of them all on. The last 3 pictures are from the Learning center, where a lot of teaching is done.

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