Friday, 18 March 2016


March 18 2016. Oh my , a lot of pictures today, One day I will learn how to label them individually, Until then, any readers will get to suffer. Sorry, the prototypical Canadian response. Until we were around so many Americans, we thought that was a normal response. By the way, Deb is developing a passive aggressive stance with drivers, she is wishing for a tank to drive over those rude drivers who risk all of our lives. Particularly she detests double parkers, those who park in active lanes with their flashers on and block traffic. There are many. So if you get a letter from Deb, saying tanks, ignore it. She is not stuttering, just expressing the secret wish of her heart. On to happier things. We had a safe trip back from Bălți Thursday and we really enjoy seeing the country side. As it greens up, it gets more beautiful. Summer will be fabulous. Tonight we had a bunch of youth over for a home evening, we had a lot of fun. They are wonderful to be around, members and non members. They can eat and eat, especially home baking. So explanations of pictures  1. a farmer out in his wagon. We just love watching these guys and they are everywhere out of the city. Horses are very useful and used here. 2 and 3. It is amazing to watch flocks of sheep and goats- nary a fence to be seen, just a shepherd watching over the flocks. They are on an edge, occasionally behind and keep them off the roads. We still have not seen a wire fence in the country. The houses in the villages and cities , on the other hand , have huge ominous fences. Odd. 4-6, spring is coming, flowers are in bloom and the forest floor is carpeted with mostly purple and a few yellow small flowers, It is beautiful . 7 is a group of people pruning grape vines- we saw hundreds of people doing this. the amount of vineyards is staggering. However, we will not whine about it. 8 is a mafia game at our place, from Left, Elder Findley, Nina Scurtu, Vitali, Tolic, Sevghi Savran, Sergio Popa, Elder Seiche (new from St George). An odd game that they love. 9 shows Ben Giles, an American doing a business internship here and Nina. Nina , by the way, is one of those people that is just a joy to be around. She has infectious happiness and makes everyone around her better. By the way, a fabulous musician. Ben does a lot of media work for the Church, and is heavily depended on, Ho goes home in 5-6 weeks and will be missed. 10 shows Nina, Ben, Mihai Z., Sevghi and Vitali. Great people. Mihai lives up near us, and is a cookie monster- the man has no fullness with home baking. Totally fluent in all 3 languages here. Nina is also very fluent in all 3 and is learning Korean for fun. Amazing, we feel quite dumb around these bright people.  11 is just a candid shot in our place, Deb and I holding up the wall for a few minutes. Deb brought the people from the Church tonight, the traffic was  terrible and it took 50 minutes, usually takes 30. We are quite tired, but had a great day with all the youth. I think we are getting younger, although one asked me today- how old are you really? Hmm.

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