Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A Day in Orhei

March 8 , Womens day in Moldova, a  big holiday for everyone, Moldovan that is. We were out to Orhei again, and had a few pictures to describe. First, a shrine on the way, right beside a well, a very common practice. There is obviously some religious connotations to the wells as it is such a common thing here. Second, Deb and Maria Goroz, a young woman from Orhei, we have got to know here well and she has stayed at our place in Chișinâu. Third, Elders Evans and Brownell from Orhei, they are alone in this city. Wonderful elders. On our way to the Church today, we got detoured thru the piața on its busiest day of the year. Wow. The 4th and 5th pictures are of a house being built and one empty after a shell. Notice cement and rock blocks are used for a frame. There are lots of empty houses and buildings after just a shell has been built, I suspect it has everything to do with the bad economy here. Last, not a great picture, but there were people all along the road out of Orhei selling flowers. They wave their boquets at you and try to get you to stop. Today everyone was buying flowers, it was amazing. It would be a hard place to say you forgot any special day, too many flower vendors. Okay, more on the next post, this one only takes a few pictures at a time.

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