Saturday, 2 April 2016

Just food

April 2 2016 We just got back from the Grill House, ( that is the name) and it had quite good food. all the senior couples went out as Cooleys are gone in 3 weeks. We all ate steak and stuff for about 150 dollars, lots for here but really not bad at all. I will enclose a few pictures of the food , I had steak that was  quite tender , most here is not tender at all. So this week the second Cooleys and us have been working on the English lessons as some are quite good and prepared and some are not. We are trying to get some consistency to them and so we have been doing a lot of work on that. I also found I did not properly save a power point prenatal presentation, so there was also a few more hours of work to be repeated. There have been some blessings to give this week and also all our usual teaching. We have seen some bad accidents but are still surviving thanks to family prayers, I am sure. Our Family home evening had about 25 people there, we played a progressive charades and Pictionary, it was a hoot. Again in 3 languages. We have also been getting our Billiongraves project up and running. We found what worked, what did not work and are finding the cemeteries fascinating. We have got many funny looks but many friendly are there. Every one loves Canada, whenever we mention Canada, people smile and are happy to see us. Flowers are for sale even more and daffodils are abundant. Most are from Holland we have found out. This population is just flower crazy.
This has nothing to do with food, but is out in front of the Moldovan government house. It is one of many trees pruned multiple times so they are just knobby. Like the many stops and starts of Moldovan politics.

2 people ordered shrimp, and they got the whole shrimp, feelers and all.

Called torta de ciocolata, Delicious.

Timasaru, an absolutely delicious dessert.

Blackberry sherbet or șerbet. Also delicious, had apple sauce to go on same.

Well , since we are talking of food, 2 highlights this week. First, Deb saw one of the Russian elders eating a chocolate pudding. She almost tackled him, but it was in Russian, so we got the container and found some. On our way to buy that, we found chocolate chips and even marshmellows. but no rice Krispies. So life is good, Deb has no chocolate milk, but has delicious chocolate pudding. We thought we had a quiet day and spent the whole day running, computer here for a class, paper there and then even a few pics in the cemetery.

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