Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Orhei Vechi 2

April 19 continued, I will publish the pictures and explain each. Again, a gorgeous day, I have got to find a hat. As the pictures testify, I am not growing hair here. I do think they grow almost anything else here, though.
The path up to the Church on top, all dirt and gravel, all the land underneath is limestone. Right now Deb is walking over the underground church.

Shows the small river, Râut Râu, and the church.

Small village of Butuceni, quite backward. All of the fences were painted blue and green. 

Inside the Church on the hill, very ornate, notice no seats at all?

The ceiling of the church on the hill. Reminded me a lot of church buildings in Italy.

We were not cross about doing this picture together.

Like a figurine on a ship, Deb on a cliff surveying what is to be.

The river was very noisy, at first we thought it was ducks. It was just big frogs, loud and very numerous. I thought some delicacy eating was in order, according to my wife, I was wrong.

This is the signage one sees when leaving any town or village, lets you know you are out of town limits. It is rather cool.

More frogs, literally hundreds,  a blue heron would be happy, happy , happy here.

Some of the carving in the cliffs where rooms were used in past years

There were 2 hang gliders as the valley and cliffs made it perfect. It was odd to see these in such a primitive setting, they caught enough wind that they would float around for several minutes and end up back on top to restart.
So that was the day, quite interesting, There were old walls hundreds of years old, but they kind of looked like - old walls. 

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  1. We love all the pictures! Keep them coming! Tell Nina they are for a good reason. :)