Friday, 15 April 2016

The week of rain and food

April 16 2016. We have had a week of mostly rain. I keep thinking we need to wash our poor Opel and then it rains. One day, maybe today as it is sunny right now. I am at our Church building, filling up our font, which takes about 3 hours, I was here at 530 am. One thing about it , traffic is nice early in the morning, it only took 15 minutes to get here. We have had a busy week. We have been working on English lessons, started Institute classes in Orhei, and will have a second baptism today. Thursday I was able to conduct a service in Romanian, after a lot of practice. It was okay, although I forgot to practice how to say refreshments and serve ( 2 types, human and food) so some English popped in. Wow , this language is a challenge. It is getting nice and green, tulips and daffodils are up. It is hard to describe how flower crazy this place is. If a man forgets to buy flowers here, it truly is grounds for divorce. And red, do they love red tulips. I hear the poppies are going to be beautiful as well. The best part- people are starting to smile, as the weather gets warmer and it gets greener. So today you get to see some of our food staples and the food labelling. Imagine going into your store with these labels. Sometimes the pictures help, sometimes not.
Okay, these are two of the breads we eat. On our left, ciabatta bread, and it is delicious. Fresh, it is the closest to Debs bread. The other is Horvatski bread, a little darker, full of sunflower seeds and cheese. Oh my, it is like a full meal deal. These are the 2 favorites-  Cost- the first about 60 cents, the second about 70 cents.

This is the chocolate pudding Deb almost tackled Elder Sparhawk  for. We obviously could not read the label, but it is fantastic chocolate pudding, closet thing to her chocolate milk, which they do not have, the other is butterscotch. Just in case you could not read the label.

On the left, Debs favorite juice, an apple grape mix. Very nice and again the label is not helpful. The picture is. On the right, the best milk we have found. It is on the shelf until opened, but is quite good. Types of milk here- 0.5%, 1.5%, 3%, 6%. The last is just cream- Cam , where are you?

Ketchup is on the left, picture helps. Although we bought salsa in a package like this, it was just spicy ketchup. Middle is a mayonnaise, tastes just like Ranch. We found it quite by accident. The last is a mayonnaise that is cheese flavored that is delicious. Now none of this is low fat- hard to believe there are so many thin people here.

Our flour on the left, luckily there are small Romanian labels on the back. Hard to find any bag bigger than 2 kilos. Sugar on the right, almost all packages are 1 kilo, cost of 60 cents a kilo. By the way, brown sugar is also granular, not at all like home and expensive and hard to find.

Upper left is coconut, at least in Romanian. It is a much finer grind than Canadian, and that package is as big as it gets. Bottom left, cinnamon, again in Romanian, always in a plastic bag. Lower middle is our mushroom soup or as close as it gets. In a bag and quite different than home. No soup in cans here. Bottom right is the cream of chicken, again a powder. It is okay, but hard to find. We have stocked up in Romania. 
 Anyway, that is the story for now. I did find a big rip-off, my suit pants when trying to get over a small fence in the cemetery when doing pictures for Billiongraves yesterday. The entire front leg is gone, just before the service. So we are down one suit. Thankfully it was the old one, both me and the suit.

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