Sunday, 11 September 2016

A week of General Authority

Sept 11 2016 Well, not many can say they have been visited by 3 Church authorities in 1 week, let alone 3 days. We have been greatly blessed by the visit of an apostle of Jesus Christ, Pres. Dieter Uchtdorf  and Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy. We were also taught and visited by Elder Henk Boom, an Area authority from Holland, wow, what a week. On Tuesday, we had a meeting with Pres Uchtdorf and Elder Kearon at our learning center in Chișinău. First we had a group picture with the leaders and missionaries, then Pres. Uchtdorf took the time to meet each of us, shake our hand and get pictures- those have to be approved by his office. Then we had a meeting, the 2 leaders, Elder Kearon and Pres. Uchtdorf for 1.5 hours- 20 missionaries and 6 seniors. It was wonderful and special to each of us there. Then that evening we had a member and guest meeting at a hotel (our building was too small) where about 180 came. Pres. Uchtdorf looked tired, having just come from a temple dedication, but when he stood to speak, it was obvious he was buoyed by the Spirit. It was hard for the translator to keep up to his energy for the gospel, the restoration and the potential in these countries. Here was a scary part- I was told beforehand I was responsible for his medical care if anything happened while he was in Moldova. Ever prayed intensely for an apostles health before? It was a very interesting responsibility, if only for a day. After that meeting, we got on a bus for an all-night ride to Predeal, Romania, arriving at 730 am on Wednesday. We had a missionwide conference. While we were hiking, the Romanian missionaries were meeting with Pres. Uchtdorf. While in Brașov, we met with our mission president and Elder Henk Boom. Elder Boom and his wife had that lovely accent I have grown to love in Bow Island, the Dutch flavor, of which I know and love so many people at home. They were fantastic with instruction and encouragement. We got to visit with them and feel of their testimony. We left for home then on late Thursday afternoon, getting home at 4 am this time on Friday morning. We visited the castle of Peleș again, ate at 2 fancy places and got to visit many missionaries again. We were tired of buses, but had a joyous week of instruction and edification.
Pres. Uchtdorf talking with Elder Bekker, Deb in the background.

Lucky sisters, from left, Sister Nicol, Jerez, Lee and Schow

view out of our hotel window in Predeal, Romania

 Now a few of a mountain hike, this is Elder Jardine, from Orhei. He is a big dude and got in more than a few of my pictures

Trail was quite steep in places. If you can believe it, they offered us old people a jeep, whatever.

the group all resting at a spot, waiting for a few stragglers

Elder and Sister Cooley, he did very well with bad hips and knees

One of our views up near the top

It was a warm day and the spring water was very cool and tasty- who cares about Giardia when you are hot?

A solemn group, looking at the mountains in awe.
So I have a few more pictures, it will be on the next post. A little too much for one. What a week!

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