Sunday, 11 September 2016

Brașov and balloons

September 11 2016
This is just a continuation of the previous blog, pictures from our conference in Brașov and also an activity from Friday night. I will comment on the pictures.
The Castle of Peleș, in Sinaia, a beautiful place, we have been here before, but nice to see again.

Hotel Belvedere in Predeal, a very European hotel

Missionaries getting ready to get on the buses

City center in Brașov, a gorgeous place

Deb and the Winders, a couple in București, wonderful people from Idaho

On one of the walking streets there. We ate at an Italian place, Il Prato, very nice. As you may guess, not all of us liked the pasta.

Winders again
FHE was balloon stomp. Each person was on a team, and had 2 balloons tied to their ankle, last balloon with air wins. Thankfully no bones were broken here.

We could go back here again. We remember Heningers telling us of this city.

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  1. Our daughter is in Moldova for the next 9 months. You may have met her last Monday at institute. She could really use some folks reaching out to her from church. Please. Email me and I can get you her contact info.