Sunday, 18 September 2016

Quiet week

Sept 18 2016 After all the excitement of the previous week, it was rather a quiet week for the Edwards here. We continue to have hot, dry weather. Elder Edwards had a bit of withdrawal as he heard of family going elk hunting, but he did survive and live to see another week. It was a bit of a medical week as a new babe and mom were visited and given advice and we had a rather sick elder here as well, actually did house calls. Whoa. But all is well at present. By the way, fellow Canadians, be thankful for your hospital and health care. Here, the mother needs to bring everything, diapers, pads, any needed medicine, even milk if she wishes to drink that. After delivery, the advice given is interesting at best, and that is all I will say about that. The large hospital where deliveries are done, has no signage of any kind, you get to guess how to get in. Parking, forget about it. Apples are now available in all shapes and sizes, about 7 lei or 35 cents a kilo. Plums, by the bucket at 6-8 lei a kg. There continues to be thousands of watermelons, now a smaller size. I have no idea how they are all consumed. A couple of Moldovans tried to get me to try a watermelon, imagine their frustration. Anyway, we made 3 huge pans of apple crisp for FHE, fun with a minimum of brown sugar. Sister Cooley donated some. Let us just say they love that North American treat- As usual, no leftovers. Really, our only flop was trying ice cream floats with pop, they told us again they thought we were trying to kill them. Saturday we anticipated going to a castle, the Castle Mimi, which was re-opening. Expensive for here, full airport like security, no food or drink allowed, etc. I have a couple of pics, but it was just a refurbished winery, and was nothing but a big promotion. We expected a concert, none was forthcoming while we were there. As I told the family, just what Moldova needs, some more alcohol. We had 2 men at our learning center this week, that were difficult to remove because of their inebriation. It was a good week for teaching, we began a new round of Institute, all on book of Mormon, in 3 locations, The leaders are trying to get local teachers which we are to train. Lots of wonderful people to work with. Oh a minor success. I needed to rent a van for the end of the month. The rental place that spoke English, had no vans. The place that had a van spoke mainly Russian, some Romanian. Somehow we managed and I did rent a van. I think. We will see what we have next week. If 6 of us are crowded in a Toyota Yaris, this may be the end of my blogging until I recover.
This is the Castle Mimi, just a glorified winery. We were only able to see about 25% of the building, barrels and big tubs. and lots of rock walls.

The bright spot, the ice cream was delicious, they have an ice cream called Fructe de Padure, or fruit of the forest. It is a heavenly berry ice cream. Almost worth the security search.

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