Sunday, 25 September 2016

Sickness and shaking

Sept 25. Well the big news for us occurred at 0211 Saturday morning as we were woken by the building shaking. Deb thought I was dreaming, then asked what it was. With my vast experience of now one, I said , This is an earthquake. It lasted about 15 seconds with the bloc shaking nicely, but no damage was done. It was a 5.6 about 4 hours away in Romania, and was 88 km deep. No damage. But seriously, I was so upset, it took almost 3 minutes to get back to sleep. I figured, 8th floor, where can we go? So I slept. Deb, not so much. We have both had a gastroenteritis bug that really zapped us this week, me on Thursday, here from Friday on into today. We both have a closer relationship with our porcelain friends. It did slow us down a fair bit. We did get travel to Balti in, and taught a class on Tuesday night on deliveries. But it was uneventful and non-picturesque. We have now rain after a long dry spell, it was sorely needed. Our place has also served as a sleeping place, seems often a night or two a week. Our couch is very large. So no pics this week, we promise many next week, as we are back in Romania. As for now, this too shall pass.

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